Best Types of Paints in Interior Decoration

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  • Best Types of Paints in Interior Decoration

    The types of paints and their uses in homes vary based on the types of furniture and decorations used. Therefore, we must carefully choose the best types of paints to ensure their durability.

    Plastic Paints: These are the most common and widely used wall paints at present due to their ease of application and affordable prices. Their advantages include:

    • Easy to use and do not require extensive preparation before painting.
    • Odorless during the painting process.
    • Provide a flexible and smooth surface that is resistant to peeling and cracking.
    • Colors remain vibrant and withstand sun exposure.
    • Easy to wash with water.
    • Resistant to mold.
    • Quick drying time.

    Oil-based Paints: Among the oldest and best types of paints that still maintain their status, oil-based paints offer beauty and distinction due to their unique oil properties. Their advantages include:

    • Ability to withstand moisture, making them suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.
    • Longer drying time allows for modifications or repairs.
    • Attractive sheen and smoothness.
    • Unmatched durability and strength.
    • Easy to clean and unaffected by water.

    Wallpaper: Wallpaper is a modern and excellent alternative to traditional paints. It involves applying decorative paper to the walls, adding beauty and vibrancy to the space. Its advantages include:

    • Variety of shapes and colors to satisfy different tastes, suitable for various spaces such as residential, office, or clinic.
    • Cost-effective compared to other decorative options with similar final results.
    • Helps conceal wall imperfections that may be visible with traditional paints.
    • Easy to clean as it is water-resistant.
    • Easy to install and remove.

    Velvet Paints: This is a modern and innovative type of paint, usually used in areas where guests are received, such as reception rooms and lounges. It provides walls with a warm velvety glow.

    How to Choose the Right Types of Paints for Different Rooms?

    When choosing a type of paint, consider the ease or difficulty of cleaning the walls. Some paints are difficult to clean and should be used on walls away from dust and dirt. There are many paints that withstand regular cleaning and are preferred for walls prone to getting dirty.

    Bedroom Paints:

    • Bedroom walls are not exposed to dirt like other walls in the house, so you can choose the type of paint you prefer without considering cleanliness.
    • Use matte paints more than glossy paints in bedrooms as they are not light-reflective.
    • Use a glossy finish on one wall and matte finish on the others.

    Living Room and Dining Room Paints:

    • Living room and dining room walls are usually prone to getting dirty, with simple stains from fingerprints or food.
    • It is preferable to use light-reflective paints to improve room lighting.

    Kitchen and Bathroom Paints:

    • It is recommended to use paints with a medium or complete gloss finish and avoid using matte paints for specific reasons, including:
    • Glossy paints prevent the growth of mold and fungi on the walls.
    • They do not absorb excess moisture in kitchens and bathrooms.
    • Easy to clean.

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